The INAQUAP Institute will specialise in both academic research and vocational training.

The Academic Research will relate to the issues facing the development and growth of the Aquaculture and Aquaponics sectors in the Dominican Republic and the wider Caribbean and link where relevant and possible with international knowledge and expertise.

The dissemination and progression of research will be facilitated by the periodic publication of the Caribbean Journal of Aquaculture and Aquaponics which will be open to receive articles, case studies, abstracts and useful inputs from the research community globally.

Research will also be guided by consultation with producer groups and shared at Conferences and Symposiums.


As part of developing a relevant, sustainable and viable Aquaculture sector the INAQUAP Institute will continue to offer practical, hands on training to the wider Aquaculture sector in the Caribbean through user-friendly workshops and seminars.

Training will relate to all aspects of field-work in the life-cycle of a commercial enterprise - reproduction, nursery management, fish production, harvesting, processing and packaging.

Advisory Services

The remit of PESCADO is to ensure the establishment a sustainable Aquaculture industry and so a holistic approach is required - technical, commercial, environmental, social.

The INAQUAP Institute will offer technical support and business advisory services to individuals and companies operating in the fish farming, aquaculture and aquaponics sectors. This may relate to nursery, reproduction, and production operations in inland ponds and lakes which contain fish such as tilapia, pacu and pegasu being farmed on a commercial basis.

Such Advisory Services are also available to support actors in the value-chains and supply-chains related to these sectors including eco-tourism attractions, fish feed production facilities, marketing services for export, trade and business expansion.

Quality Testing

The Institute will provide quality assurance, certification and laboratory testing on a commercial basis to support the growth and development of the local commercial enterprises and the aquaculture sector as a whole.

Types of tests include, but are not limited to:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Pescado Proyect

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