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Universidad ISA

ISA University, the Lead Partner of the PESCADO Project, is an Institution of Higher Education - private, nonprofit, protected by the laws of the Dominican Republic (139-01) passed on August 13, 2001.

ISA was initiated in 1962 as a vocational school, at the initiative of the Association for Development, Inc. (APEDI). To embed and sustain this initiative, APEDI had the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Government of the Dominican Republic.

Over the past four decades, the development of the activities of the ISA University has clearly responded to the modernization and industrialization needs of the country, particularly as it relates to the productivity of its agricultural sectors.

ISA has always proposed innovative relevant alternatives to improve the efficiency of the country's economy, through its unique training programs.

Universidad of Stirling

University of Stirling, Scotland, UK.

Founded by Royal Charter in 1967, the University of Stirling aims to be at the forefront of research and learning that helps improve the quality of life through working with its partners in the public, private, voluntary, commercial and academic sectors.

Stirling is one of the UK's leading Research Universities in the fields of Health, Welfare, Environment, People, Culture and Society, Enterprise, Economics, and Sport.

Universidad de Guyana

University of Guyana, the only public, national university founded by the Guyanese government in 1963. It is located in Georgetown, Guyana.


The Dominican Institute of Agricultural and Forestry Research (IDIAF) is the government agency responsible for implementing the policy of agricultural and forestry research and validation of the Dominican Republic. Its mission is "to contribute to food security and the competitiveness of agribusiness Dominicans, a) developing and / or adapting technologies that optimize the use of natural and human resources of the country, while ensuring economic and environmental sustainability, and contribute to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of all Dominicans; and b) integrating and promoting greater interaction with the other institutions of the public agricultural sector and the strengthening and consolidation of national science and technology. "


Pescado Proyect

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Institute of Aquaculture and Aquaponic

Caribbean Journal of Aquaculture and Aquaponic


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