Institute of Aquaculture and Aquaponics - INAQUAP


The Institute of Aquaculture and Aquaponics (INAQUAP) is being established as a key outcome of the project funded by the ACP-EU EDULINK II called "PESCADO - Pioneering Education for Sustainability of Caribbean Aquaculture Development & Opportunities" - its acronym in English. The Institute will be fully operational during the year 2017 as the project ends and the organization continues its mandate to service the needs of the aquaculture sector.

The Institute will be located within the ISA University Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and the Environment - and is led by Prof. Rafael Vasquez Martinez.


The objectives of the INAQUAP entity are to:

  • Promote Research and Innovation in the Aquaculture sector in the Dominican Republic and throughout the Caribbean;
  • Facilitate networking (national, regional and international) between stakeholders from the related sectors, supply chains and value chains of the aquaculture sector;
  • Help ensure the strategic alignment of Academic Research and Development activities with the needs of stakeholders in the aquaculture sector and the demands of the domestic and regional markets;
  • Explore the possibility of optimization of market opportunities arising from competitive advantages and points of differentiation; support the development of the aquaculture sector, working in collaboration with public sector bodies and private enterprise.


The Institute will offer a range of services for students, actors and stakeholders in the Aquaculture Sector, including:

  • Academic Programs (specialty and general) in Aquaculture & Aquaponics;
  • Practical training in areas such as Production Management and Fish Processing;
  • Regional Seminars and Conferences;
  • Technical & Business Advisory Services;
  • Laboratory Testing and Analysis.

Caribbean Journal of Aquaculture and Aquaponic - CAJAQUAP

INAQUAP will be producing a periodic publication entitled "Caribbean Journal of Aquaculture and Aquaponics - CAJAQUAP".This periodic journal will be initially published electronically as a digital document. INAQUAP will feature recent and current information and articles, relevant to the Aquaculture and Aquaponics sectors for the Caribbean region. Although broad in scope the magazine will contain a special section devoted to academic research in the relevant topics and subject matter.


Below is a list of websites for further information on the Aquaculture Sector in the Dominican Republic and globally.








Pescado Proyect

This website has been made possible through funding from the European Union under the  EDULINKL II Programme.For more information about the PESCADO project please go to this page.....


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The PESCADO project is seeking to engage as many stakeholders as possible in the national and international Aquaculutre Sector. Kindly send us an email via CONTACT US to express your interest in working with us and joining our Institute as it becomes established...